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EXO fans were caught taking photos during the live SBS show and told staff she was a SHINee fan to avoid EXO fans being punished

Blue: (ontamnew ) now is (kindlysuho)


Purple: (b_spectra)


So here’s the details. these girls were caught taking pictures (on today’s to heart performance, baekhyun was there as guest). When the staff caught them, to protect their fandom, they lied they were shawols, and shawols were close to be banned entering the last performance of to heart. 
But then shawols did some investigation. found out they were exo fans. 
So they reported that out to staffs. those 4 girls were yelled at by staffs and had to stand near the entrance apologizing to shawols.. 
The twist is that those ppl used to be SHINee’s fs masters (ontamnew is now kindlysuho^^)

cr: @misskechil 



Beautiful tribute to Mrs. K in tonight’s new episode, The Man Who Grew Too Much. 

So they just decided that Krabappel was dead. I wasn’t sure they’d do that. I assumed they’d write around her and we just wouldn’t see her anymore. A shame they confirmed the character’s death in a brief coda at the end of the episode. That story deserves an entire episode. Poor Ned.

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