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Sept. 12



Gonna try this one >.

Gonna try this one >.

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Sept. 01

Anonym sagte: What was the interaction w/ Donghwa really like?

Ah sorry for the late answer.

Donghwa… he’s a cutie lol i think this question is about the day I asked him for a picture.. or all days?

I’ll tell you about the day with the picture. My friend & me went inside of Grill5 (how I miss this shop… esp the fries…..Q.Q) so went to order our food (and Donghwa got our order ~) and went to our seats… my friend & me talked for a long time about random things and also if we could ask him for a picture. We saw two asian girls asking Donghwa for sth. I stopped the girls and asked them if they asked him for a picture and yes, they asked him but got a no. So we were a little bit uncertain if we could still ask him. but you know, we went also to Eunhyuks cafe at the same day (and missed Eunhyuk -.- I’m a Jewel, so it was pretty sad for me) and I got the chance to take a picture with his mother (eunhyuks mom is soooooo nice and friendly and dhfkjsdhjkf), so I thought that we should still ask donghwa. A try never hurts, right? but sth happened first. We went a few days before to the JYJ concert and i loooove Back seat. And the song was played at Grill5 and I started to dance a little bit, but the music suddenly stopped. And i went like heeeeeeeeeeeeeey why did it stopped?! (but only the hey part xD) to Donghwa. So he went to the CD Player and played Back seat again ~ And I danced to it again .___. Everytime I listen to Back seat, I remember this.. I told my friend (who is a big Donghae friend) to ask Donghwa for a picture. but she’s waaaaaaaaay to shy for this. So i went to the cash register (?) and asked him for a picture. He was kind of shocked (?) and shy or embarrassed. You know the face of Donghae, when he’s embarrassed or shy? ITS THE SAME dfhksdfjhsgkjhfg donghwas english is pretty… weak lol so one of the female co workers helped with the translation and asked if i wanted to take one inside or outside. I told them that I wouldnt mind as long as i got my picture with him. And his co worker… seriously i love them xD they teased him a little bit and I laughed with them. It was soo funny, donghwa all shy and the others teasing him lol So we went outside and took some pictures. After this we went inside and two of his co workers were smirking/laughing. I swear they love to tease him ~ But its a good thing. It shows that they all work good together. 

If i think about all meetings with him. He’s a little bit shy but friendly. He’s also funny and tried his best with English. I really want to meet him again. And I don’t care that I didnt saw Hae in Grill5. Donghwa should get his own fans ~

and sorry for my english ~ 

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Juli 25

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Juli 17

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